#EngTalk Internet Meme

What’s the color of ripe bananas? Yellow, Fellas! How are you today? *cringe very hard*

How long have you been using the internet, Fellas? The influence of internet has significantly changed aspects of our life.

From the way we socialize, how we get our information, and even our sense of humor, which we will discuss in our session today.

Our session today is #EngTalk Internet Meme. What is internet meme? How does it affect the way we communicate our ideas?

Since this is an interactive session, I encourage you to state your opinion on this matter. #EngTalk

Meme (mi:m, not me-me or may-may) is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. #EngTalk

Internet meme could be a picture, a short video, a hyperlink, or maybe even a word or a hashtag. #EngTalk

How often do you use internet memes, Fellas? #EngTalk

Internet memes were primarily spread through messaging boards, mailing lists, or newsgroups, just like how an inside-joke is made. #EngTalk

As of right now, Internet meme is regarded as a unit of information that replicates the internet. It can replicate or mutate, like a virus. #EngTalk

That’s why internet meme is considered ‘virally-transmitted’, and it ‘infects’ people especially via social media. #EngTalk

The first recorded internet meme is the baby cha-cha, in 1996. #EngTalk

Internet meme is so phenomenal ultimately because people’s usage of internet has increased exponentially over the past few years. #EngTalk

Many people gain popularity—and even profit—just because they went viral on the internet. #EngTalk

For example, Grumpy Cat went on several news coverages and they even made a movie about it! #EngTalk

But of course, internet memes can also become disastrous for some people. #EngTalk

For example, the “Star Wars Kid” was bullied, and then he dropped out of school, and even needed professional help. #EngTalk

There are also numerous kinds of internet memes in Indonesia, especially in the form of image macros. #EngTalk

Can you give me examples of famous Indonesian internet memes, Fellas?

The problem is, sometimes the media that is used for the meme is taken without consent and considered as an invasion of privacy. #EngTalk

So, what do you think about internet meme in general, Fellas? Do you want to be one someday?

Thank you for your participation today, Fellas! You guys are awesome! But unfortunately it’s time for me to wrap up.

Don’t forget to check our website englishtips4u.com for more interesting discussions. See ya!

Compiled by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, 2 September 2016.

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