#IOTW: Idioms of Flag

Hi guys, how are you today? Did you have a great day?


Today, I’d like to share some idioms that related to flag. We have compiled 7 idioms from various resources just for you. Enjoy.

1) ‘show the flag’ means to stand up for, support, or defend someone or something.

e.g. My country is often a target for insults or gibes abroad, so whenever I go traveling I make a point of ‘showing the flag’ for it.

2) ‘hoist (a/the) white flag’ means to offer a sign of surrender or defeat; to yield or give in.

e.g. We’ve been in negotiations for weeks, but it looks like the other company might finally be ready to ‘hoist a white flag.’

3)wrap yourself in the flag’ means to say that that your beliefs or actions are only to benefit your country.

e.g. Politicians are usually happy to ‘wrap themselves in the flag’ and avoid the issues.

4) ‘flag down’ means signal to stop 

 e.g. The police were ‘flagging down’ all cars.

5) ‘freak flag’ means any unconventional, nonconformist, or uninhibited behavior, convictions, opinions, or lifestyle choices that are unique to an individual.

e.g. My high school literature teacher taught me to always be true to myself and to wear my ‘freak flag’ proudly.

6)Put the flags out!’ means something that you say when you are pleased and surprised that something has happened

e.g. John’s done the washing up. Put the ‘flags out!’

7)flagged’means arrested.

e.g. Sally was ‘flagged,’ and she called her fixer to come get her out.

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Thank you so much for your attention today! See you tomorrow!




Compiled by @Wisznu on Sept 1, 2016


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