#BusEng: Dos and Don’ts on Writing CV

Hello, everyone! Good evening!! How did your Monday go?

Now I’m wondering if you are currently thinking of seeking a job. If so, today’s session could be good for you.

I’m going to share some dos and don’ts when writing CV. #BusEng

A comprehensive coverage of our career, skills, and educational background is our preliminary chance to show we have what is required for the job and land an interview. #BusEng

The way we present our CV can have an overwhelming influence over whether the CV is even read. #BusEng

So, here’s what to do to make our CV stand out from the others, fellas. #BusEng

Do: Tell the truth.
Don’t: Make up any part of it. Anything we write can be traced back to our former employers or related educational institution. #BusEng

Do: Keep it simple, but include all relevant information.
Don’t: Make it too short or give too much detail. Relevant working experience can be included, but political preferences, for example, or how many siblings we have can be left out. #BusEng

Do: Concentrate on our experience in related field, e.g.: courses, research, study, etc.
Don’t: Throw it all in. Do include only the relevant ones and related to the job we are applying for. #BusEng

Do: Remember to put contact details. Address, phone number, and email are of utmost importance.
Don’t: Shrink the font or modify the space or margin so more details can fit in. The CV needs to be readable. If somehow what we write cannot fit in one page, we can extend it to another one. So, ideally, a CV should have a length of one to three pages. #BusEng

Do: Explain about our role and achievements in previous jobs. It is always handy to have a short passage describing what we were doing previously, including a summary of our former employer.
Don’t: Assume our recruiter knows our previous employer. #BusEng

Do: Browse CV templates and samples to keep it up to date. Please have a look at the following example.
Don’t: Use humour, acronyms, or cutesy words. We would like to remain professional. #BusEng


Marissa Mayer's CV.jpg
Pic from Bussinessinsider(dot)com


All right fellas, that’s what I can share for today’s #BusEng! Thank you for reading this article. Bye, bye!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 15 August, 2016.

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