#EngTrivia Haiku

Good evening, Fellas! How are things lately? Do you have any good news to share?

As I was wandering around the internet last week, I stumbled upon something interesting. I bet some of you have heard about this.

But for those who haven’t, or need further explanation, here is our topic for today’s session: #EngTrivia Haiku.

What is haiku? Haiku is a short form of poem consists of only three lines, originated in the 9th century Japan. #EngTrivia

It was only in the early 20th century people started to write Haiku in English. #EngTrivia

Haiku is a non-rhyming poem. It also consists of 17 syllables, which then divided into three lines. #EngTrivia

The first line consists of 5 syllables, 7 syllables for the second line, and another 5 syllables for the last line. #EngTrivia

Haiku is very simple, and that’s probably why it’s popular among poets of all ages. #EngTrivia

There is no definitive rule in writing Haiku. Some poets argue that the best way to write Haiku is when it’s spontaneous. #EngTrivia

For example, you’re on the beach and you see the sun is setting. You then write a Haiku about sunset and the breeze. #EngTrivia

Some others suggest that Haiku is best when you think it through over time. So you can find the perfect composition in your poem. #EngTrivia

Haiku is typically about nature, or anything that you could sense about your surroundings. #EngTrivia

The best part about Haiku is it doesn’t have to make sense. #EngTrivia

Ex: you want to make a Haiku about your kitchen. You could make an association about a knife and refrigerator. #EngTrivia

Yes, it depends on your creativity and imagination. You could even make your readers guess what’s on your mind when you write a haiku. #EngTrivia

I encourage you to write a Haiku right now! Don’t forget to mention us your haiku and we’ll retweet you!

I’ll try to write you one myself: #EngTrivia

Laptop on the desk

Cup of coffee in my hand

Smells like heaven here #EngTrivia

Is there any question about our session today, Fellas? I will try my best to answer your question! #EngTrivia

That was it, Fellas! Don’t forget to visit our website englishtips4u.com for more! Buh-byeee!

Compiled by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, 19 August 2016.


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