#EngVocab: Football Expressions

Hello, fellas! Today, our #EngVocab session is about “Football Expression”. Ready?

  1. Man on! | this is usually shouted out during a match to warn someone that a player of the other team is right behind them.
  2. We were robbed | a phrase used to express that a defeat was unjust, possibly due to an injustice committed by somebody else.
  3. He’s (she’s) got a sweet left foot | referring to a player who is very skillful at kicking the ball with his / her left foot.
  4. He’s (she’s) got a lot of pace | a very fast player.
  5. Hit the woodwork | when a player fails to score a goal because the ball hits the crossbar or the post of the goal instead.

Now, you have five more expressions every time you want to comment on a football game!

Don’t forget to check https://t.co/6LFQdjVgbH and see you tomorrow.


Compiled for @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, 6 June, 2016. 


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