#EngClass: Prefix (Revisit)

Good evening, fellas! How was your day? Did you have a good time celebrating our Independence Day? On this special day, let’s make today an even more special one, shall we? Mark today as the day we discuss Prefix!

How many of you have read our past post on prefix? If you haven’t, let me point you to it. ~> #EngClass: Prefix 

In today’s #EngClass we’ll revisit and refresh our memory on Prefixes. Or ‘awalan’ as we might call it in Bahasa Indonesia.


As the name suggests… prefix is a group of letters placed in front of a root word. Prefixes, by themselves, are not words. Can you think of any example of prefixes, fellas?


Agree [v] = to accept or support, setuju.

(Dis)agree [v] = to not accept, to differ, tidak setuju.

Other examples:

@FabioFluzao: No, I can’t. It’s IMpossible! ;))))

@betipuspah: such as stable and unstable

@MeLLDinnard: Disappear? Uncommon?

Most prefixes are added to root words without adding or omitting a letter. By adding prefix to a root word, it changes its meaning… never the part of speech.

Today, well talk about some of the most commonly used prefixes. They are: dis-, in-, im-, il-, ir-, pre-, re-, un-.


1. dis- means not. Example: disagree, disconnect, disrespect.

a. Disagree | Prefix: Dis- | Root word: Agree

Example: They say it will rain, but I disagree.

b. Disconnect | Prefix: Dis- | Root word: Connect

Example: They disconnected the electricity. Now it’s hot.

c. Disrespect | Prefix: Dis- | Root word: Respect

Example: You really should not disrespect your teachers.


2. in- means no, not or without. Example: incapable, invisible, inorganic.

a. Incapable | Prefix: In- | Root word: Capable

Example: He’s a cold hearted man who is incapable of love.

b. Invisible | Prefix: In- | Root word: Visible

Example: Wind is invisible.

c. Inorganic | Prefix: In- | Root word: Organic

Example: An example of something inorganic is plastic.


3. im- means no, not or without. Example: impossible, impure, imbalance.

a. Impossible | Prefix: Im- | Root word: Possible

Example: Forget it! It’s an impossible goal.

b. Impure | Prefix: Im- | Root word: Pure

Example: People fell sick after drinking impure water.

c. Imbalance | Prefix: Im- | Root word: Balance

Example: Avoid doing anything that causes imbalance.


4. il- means no, not or without. Example: illegal, illogical, illiterate.

a. Illegal | Prefix: Il- | Root word: Legal

Example: It is illegal to ride a motorcycle without a license.

b. Illogical | Prefix: Il- | Root word: Logical

Example: Nobody wants to hear your illogical arguments.

c. Illiterate | Prefix: Il- | Root word: Literate

Example: It’s hard to read this illiterate scrawl.


5. ir- means no, not or without. Example: irresponsible, irrational, irrelevant.

a. Irresponsible | Prefix: Ir- | Root word: Responsible

Example: Don’t make irresponsible accusations.

b. Irrational | Prefix: Ir- | Root word: Rational

Example: Mathematics is a study of irrational numbers.

c. Irrelevant | Prefix: Ir- | Root word: Relevant

Example: What you are saying is completely irrelevant.


6. pre- means before. Example: preview, preheat, premature.

a. Preview | Prefix: Pre- | Root word: View

Example: We got 2 free tickets to the movie preview.

b. Preheat | Prefix: Pre- | Root word: Heat

Example: Don’t forget to preheat the oven before you use it.

c. Premature | Prefix: Pre- | Root word: Mature

Example: He was born five weeks premature.


7. re- means back or again. Example: react, return, reappear.

a. React | Prefix: Re- | Root word: Act

Example: How did she react when you told her

b. Return | Prefix: Re- | Root word: Turn

Example: They returned the books just the other day.

c. Reappear | Prefix: Re- | Root word: Appear

Example: He reappeared after having left her years ago.


8. un- means not. Example: uncooked, unfriendly, unhappy.

a. Uncooked | Prefix: Un- | Root word: Cooked

Example: You should never eat uncooked chicken.

b. Unfriendly | Prefix: Un- | Root word: Friendly

Example: We got an unfriendly reception from the staff.

c. Unhappy | Prefix: Un- | Root word: Happy

Example: She was unhappy with everything.


And that’s all for today, fellas. I hope you find today’s session informative enough. Feel free to mention us if you have any question. :D *we don’t bite*

Compiled and written by @miss_qiak for @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.


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