#EngTalk: Choosing a Lodging

Good evening, fellas! How was your Monday?

I realized it’s been August already. Some of you might be preparing to go to college or university. To shorten the trip, often we need to rent a room or lodging. That’s what we are going to discuss, fellas.

What do you think we should consider before choosing lodging? Tweet us with the hashtag #EngTalk

If you have any tips on choosing a residence, be it a room or a house you can share with friends, don’t hesitate to share. #EngTalk

Yoza Anshori ‏@masyoza  8 AgtKlojen, Indonesia

@EnglishTips4U close to school/work, clean, cheap, and easy to access #EngTalk

Array Cappucino  ‏@arrayreey  8 Agt

We should consider about location for lodge with our plan destiny. #EngTalk


Agreed that location might come first as it would also determine access, the budget for transportation, how convenient it is, etc. #EngTalk

Any other things to consider before deciding the lodge, fellas? #EngTalk

Budget is another important factor, fellas. Usually, the more good located a place is, the more expensive the rent. #EngTalk


Subaggiyo ‏@Subaggiyo  8 Agt

@EnglishTips4U #EngTalk nice neighborhood, no SARA’s stuff, near to school, easy to acces, educational support

Subaggiyo ‏@Subaggiyo  8 Agt

@EnglishTips4U fit with your need

Subaggiyo ‏@Subaggiyo  8 Agt

@EnglishTips4U neighborhood, i think


Next is a friendly neighborhood, as our neighbor is the closest that we can reach if something happens. #EngTalk

Also important is the condition of the lodging itself, whether it is easy to maintain, it has good ventilation, whether the door and window can be locked properly, etc. #EngTalk


LUFI SANJANI ‏@Lufingston  8 Agt

@EnglishTips4U ask your folks for permission #EngTalk


For those who just joined us, we’re talking about what to consider before choosing a lodging. #EngTalk

We have already determined location, budget, neighborhood, and the lodge’s condition. Tweet us to share some more ideas. #EngTalk

As for me, I would also consider good phone signal/reception in the area. #EngTalk


Okay, fellas, it’s time for me to say goodbye. Thank you for joining our #EngTalk.

Check our site, www.englishtips4u.com for our past sessions and many other English-learning materials. Good night, fellas! Bye, bye!!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 8 August, 2016.


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