#EngTips: How to Enjoy Walking Tours

Hey, fellas! It’s good to be back. How was your Wednesday? Fellas, what do you usually plan for a long weekend? Traveling abroad? Exploring other cities? Or just staying in your hometown?

One of the most fun & insightful ways to enjoy a strange city is by joining a walking tour. Have you ever done it?


What’s a walking tour? It’s a guided tour on foot, passing interesting sites with fun strangers! Not only getting interesting insights about the city from the local guide, joining a walking tour also means meeting new friends

So, today, we’ll give you some tips on how to enjoy a walking tour! Let us know if you have one!

First, choose the walking tour you like. There are numerous themed walking tours. In London, you can find Jack the ripper walk, Beatles, Harry Potter walking tour, etc.


Second, find out the starting time, meeting point, registration and tipping system. Don’t miss any of this information. Arrive a bit earlier than schedule. This gives you time to get to know the guide & other participants.


Check the weather forecast to decide whether to bring an umbrella or sunglasses and wear your most comfortable outfit & footwear.

During the walk, stay close with the group and try not to get left behind. You don’t want people waiting for you.

If it’s a “free walking tour”, tip the guide at the end of the tour with reasonable amount. You decide how much!

You can find walking tours in every major city in the world, including Jakarta! So, book yourself a spot and enjoy the walk!

Tonight’s pics were taken from: https://t.co/9aBQRPlSu6, https://t.co/orIQyZ2IY7, https://t.co/YIdnYx6zhy, https://t.co/TB7MvnuRMg. Thanks!

See you tomorrow, fellas!

Compiled for @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, 4 May, 2016

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