#WOTD Kerfuffle

Evening, fellas! How is the long weekend going? Mine is a little…flat but it’s awesome nonetheless.

Taking time to relax, hanging out with old friends, or simply sleeping all day long sound like good ideas to spend the holidays.

But of course, I will not abandon my sweet adorable fellas. There will be session today as usual and the session is #WOTD: Kerfuffle!

Kerfuffle [ker-fuhf-uh l] is a noun. Yes, Kerfuffle sounds funny. Kerfuffle sounds like a combination of fluffy and bubble. #WOTD

But the meaning is rather serious. Kerfuffle means disturbance or commotion caused by conflicting views. #WOTD

Imagine, you see two people involved in heated argument and then you said “Ugh, I better get going before I get into this kerfuffle.” #WOTD

Another example: “I had a kerfuffle with my girlfriend this morning. She is still mad.” #WOTD

Kerfuffle probably comes from Scots curfuffle/carfuffle which shares the same meaning with kerfuffle. #WOTD

The first known use of this word was relatively new, 1946. #WOTD

Kerfuffle synonyms are brouhaha, hubbub, mess, ruckus, disturbance, etc. yes, brouhaha is also a word. #WOTD

That was our session today, fellas! For more interesting words covered by our team, please visit http://englishtips4u.com . See you!

Compiled and written by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, May 20, 2016.


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