#IOTW Bob’s Your Uncle

Good evening, fellas! How are you today? Got any plans for the long weekend?

Anyway, Happy Easter! How do you celebrate it, fellas? Tweet us your pictures, videos, or stories if you don’t mind.

Our topic for the session today is #IOTW Bob’s your uncle. Have you ever heard of this expression, fellas?

Bob’s your uncle simply means “et voila!”. It’s commonly used after you explain something simple to someone. #IOTW

Or you could use it to convince someone that everything is all right. #IOTW

How to use ‘Bob’s your uncle’ in a sentence? Here are few examples to help you out: #IOTW

1.“Just put the rice in a rice cooker, add two glass of water, and Bob’s your uncle!” #IOTW

2.“No need to fret. Give him 100$, and Bob’s your uncle. You’re going to college!” #IOTW

*Please don’t actually do sentence number two in real life. We are all against corruption and bribery.*

What’s unique about this expression is its origin. No one is actually sure of how this expression was coined. #IOTW

Many seem to believe that it was derived from the supposed nepotism of Lord Salisbury. #IOTW

Arthur Balfour, the Lord’s nephew, was appointed to several political posts in the 1880s by Robert Salisbury. #IOTW

Hence the term ‘Bob’s (nickname for Robert) your uncle’, which means it’s simple enough for it to happen. #IOTW

Another theory is that it was from the term ‘all is bob’, meaning ‘all is well’. #IOTW

Everything is just still theory because no one’s absolutely sure how it started or how it spread. #IOTW

So, that was it for today, fellas! Any input, suggestion, or question?

Well then, it’s time to end the session today. Don’t forget to check out our website http://englishtips4u.com ! See you later, fellas!

Compiled and written by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, March 25, 2016.


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