#EngTrivia: origin of nicknames

Hello hey hi, Fellas! How was your day?

Around three years ago, I thought that Bill Gates given name was really Bill Gates. I thought wrong.

Apparently, Bill, whether it’s Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, or Bill Cosby, isn’t an actual first name. It’s a nickname!

So, our session today would be #EngTrivia Origins of Nicknames. Yay!

1.Our first one would be Bill, which is a nickname for William. #EngTrivia

In the Middle Ages, it was common to swap letters so the W in the Will, original nickname, was swapped with B. #EngTrivia

Another theory is that it’s easier to pronounce hard consonants than the soft ones. #EngTrivia

So for phonetic reasons, Will then morphed into Bill. #EngTrivia

2.Next we have Dick for Richard. #EngTrivia

Richard was also a common name in the Middle English. So the same letter swapping tradition also happened to Rick/Rich. #EngTrivia

The name Richard actually gave birth to three nicknames: Dick, Hick, and Hitch. #EngTrivia

But Dick is the only one that stuck over time, at least until the ‘80s to ‘90s. #EngTrivia

It was very popular that the phrase ‘every Tom, Dick, or Harry’ was used to describe every man. #EngTrivia

After its association with a certain sexual slang, many ‘Richards’ prefer Rick or Ricky, the original nickname. #EngTrivia

  1. Next one is Peggy for Margareth. #EngTrivia

This one is purely for phonetic reasons. Infants with the name Margareth found it difficult to pronounce their names. #EngTrivia

From Maggie, it was then morphed into Peggy because it’s easier to pronounce. #EngTrivia

4.Now it’s Chuck, Chucky, or Chuckie for Charles. #EngTrivia

“Dear Chuck” was very popular in the Shakespearean era because of Macbeth, as a term of endearment. #EngTrivia

Charles, however, back in the 12th to 13th century was Chukken. Ergo, the similarity between the two intertwined. #EngTrivia

5.Our last one is Ted for both Edward and Theodore. #EngTrivia

Although Ed was also a common nickname for Edward, the people in Middle English felt compelled to add another consonant to it. #EngTrivia

Of course, Ted which was already a popular nickname for Theodore became their first choice. #EngTrivia

Ted is one of the few nickname derived from two different names. Can you name the others, fellas? #EngTrivia

well then it’s time for me to close this session. Don’t forget to check out our website http://englishtips4u.com , fellas! see you!

Compiled and written by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, April 1, 2016.

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