#EngTips How to Improve Your English Listening Skills

Good evening, fellas! How are you today?

Today’s session is dedicated to one of our fellas, @randwiu, and to every one of you who wants to improve your listening skills.

Because our session today is #EngTips: How to Improve Your English Listening Skills. Yay!

As every tip should be, you will need basic knowledge and comprehension in English. So pay attention to your teachers/lecturers in class.

1.Listen to not only one English audio source. #EngTips

If you like songs, you should also try listening to news, English speaking YouTube channels, or movies. #EngTips

NOTE: Be careful when learning from pop cultures. They usually use slangs and are grammatically incorrect. #EngTips

To avoid this kind of mistake, always refer to English textbooks or dictionaries when in doubt. #EngTips

This one is extremely helpful in emergency situation. –>”@anissafebr or google by typing “what does blablabla mean” on the engine”

2.Try not to use subtitles or closed caption when you’re watching videos. #EngTips

My personal trick is trying to understand TV shows without subtitles, and then re-watch it with subtitles. #EngTips

It takes a little more time, but that way you could see whether your comprehension is correct or incorrect. #EngTips

3.Speak it out! #EngTips

Understanding how it sounds is not enough; you must practice to pronounce it yourself. #EngTips

You could use a partner or do it in groups or at least do it by yourself in front of the mirror. #EngTips

4.Listen to accents. #EngTips

Every accent is unique. Listening to different kinds of accent can help you understand English better. #EngTips

5.Practice with native speakers and non-native speakers. #EngTips

This tip has the same principal with the one before. Listening to various English pronunciations helps a lot. #EngTips

I once went to the airport just so I can talk to foreigners. It was a thrilling experience, really.

6.Listen, listen, and listen. #EngTips

Repeated and continuous practices are always the best way to do it. Don’t give up too easily. #EngTips

It could be tiring, or it could be very fun. It depends on your motivation. #EngTips

7.Set high targets but don’t push yourself too hard. #EngTips

You could start easy (listen to songs and then read the lyrics), and then move to movies or news or something more formal. #EngTips

Alright, fellas! That was our session today. Do you have more tips to share? #EngTips

Well, then. Don’t forget to check out our website http://englishtips4u.com . See you, fellas!

Compiled and written by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, April 8, 2016.


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