#WOTD: Wherefore

Today’s is Word Of The Day and our #WOTD is ‘wherefore’. What do you think it means?

If you’ve read or watched Romeo and Juliet, you must be familiar with this line:

“Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?”

What is Juliet asking by saying, “Wherefore art thou?”

A common misconception is that wherefore means where. The ‘wherefore’ here means why rather than where. She’s asking why it is that Romeo must be Romeo, a member of the Montague family, therefore, an enemy of Juliet’s family, the Capulets.

Starting in the early 13th century, a number of new words were formed by combining where with a preposition. In such words, ‘where’ had the meaning of “what” or “which,” such as wherein (“in what”), whereon (“on what”), and wherefore (“for what”).

As a conjunction, ‘wherefore’ is defined as because, therefore or for which.

That’s it for today’s Word of The Day. See you tomorrow!

Compiled for @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, 20 April, 2016

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