#IOTW: Family

Hi guys, how’s your day? Did you have a great day? 😃😃😃


For those of you who live in Indonesia, how’s your holiday? With whom did you spend your holiday? As today is a holiday season for many of us & holiday is tightly related to joy, and family, I’d like to share idioms of family 😃

I have collected 10 idioms related to family just for you. Enjoy. 😘😘😘

1) bad blood – hostility or unfriendliness between two families or family members

E.g. There is ‘bad blood’ between the two brothers. They haven’t spoken to each other in two years.

2) ‘it runs in the family’ – an ability or talent that is passed on through the generations.

E.g. He has two daughters, both very athletic, just like their mother. ‘It runs in the family.’

3) a father figure – someone that you can turn to for advice and support

E.g. In his role as head of personnel, he became ‘a father figure’ for the whole company.

4) a chip off the old block – a son or daughter who is just like their father in character, looks or temperament 

E.g. He’s as stubborn as his father – ‘a chip off the old block’ in other words.

5) a confirmed bachelor – a man who has decided on principle never to marry

E.g David’s ‘a confirmed bachelor’ – lots of girlfriends, but none serious.

6) old wives’ tales – traditional beliefs which are proved wrong by science

E.g If you think this blend of herbs can cure you of this, well, that’s ‘an old wives’ tale,’ I’m afraid.

7) on the house – provided free to the customer by the hotel, bar or organisation

E.g This is a famous victory for our country, so all the drinks this evening will be ‘on the house.’

8) a home from home – place where one feels very welcome

E.g. The people there were so friendly that staying with them was just like ‘a home from home.’

9) home truths – honest criticism which is often painful 

E.g. He doesn’t like to face up to ‘home truths’ but everybody knows he is a liar.

10) child’s play / kids’ stuff – an easy task that requires little effort

E.g. Getting Jack to undertake this difficult assignment should be ‘child’s play/kids’ stuff.’ He’s already very keen on the idea.

That’s it! Thank you so much for your attention today. See you tomorrow. Have fun with your family. ❤️❤️❤️



Compiled and written by @Wisznu for @EnglishTips4U on Thursday, July 7, 2016.

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