#EngKnowledge: Songkran Festival

The Songkran festival is the traditional Thai New Year’s Day. (pic:officeholidays)


Songkran is the most popular festival of Thailand that marks the starts of the summer.

The Songkran celebration is similar to those of the Indian Holi Festival, the Christian Festival of Easter, etc.

The word Songkran is from the Sanskrit language & means the passage of the sun from one sign to another.

The significance of this Songkran is when the sun enters the sign of Aries the Ram.


In Thailand, New Year is now officially celebrated on January 1, in line with almost all other countries.

Songkran was the official New Year until 1888, when it was switched to a fixed date of 1 April. It wasn’t until 1940, that this date was then shifted to 1 January.

The most famous aspect of the Songkran celebrations is the throwing of water. Yeaaay!


The custom originates from spring cleaning aspect of Songkran, including cleaning the images of Buddha.

It also doesn’t hurt that April is the hottest part of the year in Thailand, so being soaked is so refreshing!

FYI, some people make resolutions just like regular new year.



Compiled for @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, 13 April, 2016

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