#IOTW: Sport Idioms

Hello, fellas! Today, we wanna share some sports idioms. Mention us if you know any!

  1. a head start | meaning: to begin early.
    • For example: We have a head start because we overheard their conversation.
  2. ahead of the game | meaning: to have worked or done more than necessary, to have an advantage.
    • For example: I have to work extra hours to stay ahead of the game on this negotiation.
  3. behind the eight ball | meaning: to be in a difficult or awkward situation.
    • For example: My manager was behind the eight ball when his boss found out he didn’t know how to make a presentation.
  4. drop the ball | meaning: to blunder, to fail in some way.
    • For example: He dropped the ball in this project by not updating his data.
  5. foul play | meaning: an illegal activity, a bad practice or unfair.
    • For example: Stealing your friend’s girlfriend is foul play. PS: please don’t do that, fellas.
  6. get something off the ground | meaning: to have begun something and be on the way to a successful conclusion or completion.
    • For example: If you don’t get your work done, this project won’t get off the ground.
  7. hole in one | meaning: to succeed the first time.
    • For example: John got a hole in one on that sale. He sold 10 cars in one day.

That’s all for today’s session of #IOTW. Check https://t.co/6LFQdjVgbH for more things about English. See you tomorrow!


Compiled for @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, 6 April, 2016

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