#EngVocab Emotions

Hello hey hi, Fellas! How are you feeling today? I feel rather elated today! Yay!

If you had a bad day, I hope this session could cheer you up because we are going to talk about emotions and feelings.

Dr. Paul Ekman posits there are six basic emotions which are universally interpreted: happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise and disgust.

But of course those aren’t the only emotions we feel. Sometimes we feel emotions which are a lot more complicated than that.

So today we are going to help you express your emotions better because today is #EngVocab Emotions.

The list of course is very long or perhaps even uncountable. So feel free to chime in anytime and we will retweet you! #EngVocab

1.Astonished: filled with emotional impact of overwhelming surprise. Amazed. #EngVocab

“At first I wasn’t interested but after the hike, I was astonished by the view.” #EngVocab

2.Blasé: Nonchalantly unconcerned, unimpressed because one has experienced it so often before. #EngVocab

After doing a lot of time travel, Bernie is blasé about the whole experience. #EngVocab

3.Despondent: hopeless or almost without hope. Low-spirited. #EngVocab

Nankatsu FC almost felt despondent until Tsubasa scored the equalizer. #EngVocab

4.Elation: A feeling of joy and pride. Beyond happy. #EngVocab

John is feeling elation. He hasn’t stopped smiling all day. #EngVocab

5.Enraged: An extreme form of anger. #EngVocab

The soldiers are enraged because of their commander’s assassination. #EngVocab

6.Grief: An intense sorrow caused by the loss of a loved one. #EngVocab

It took Bruce ten years to finally get over his grief for his parents. (And then he becomes Batman) #EngVocab

7.Listless: lacking energy or enthusiasm (mager?). #EngVocab

He feels listless because of the long, boring holiday. #EngVocab

8.Pensive: engaged in a deep or serious thought. #EngVocab

She appeared pensive for a while, but then she agreed to join us for dinner tonight. #EngVocab

9.Perplexed: completely baffled or puzzled. #EngVocab

I could never understand humans; they always got me perplexed. #EngVocab

10.Weary: physically and mentally fatigued. #EngVocab

All these meaningless fights with my girlfriend make me weary. Maybe I have to end this relationship. #EngVocab

Do you have more words to add to the list, fellas? Be sure to mention us and we’ll retweet you!

It’s time for me to wrap up this session. Don’t forget to visit our website://englishtips4u.com . Ciao, fellas!

Compiled and written by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, May 20, 2016.

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