#EngTips How to Write Concisely

Hey, Fellas! How are you today? It sure is hot this evening in my town. Phew!

Anyway, Fellas, how do you feel when you read an article that’s full of rambling? It’s somewhat annoying, isn’t it?

If you were looking for urgent information, you would want it to be as short as possible. Something that’s straight to the point.

For examples: blogs, abstracts of scientific articles, or newsletters should be as concise as possible to make it easier for the readers.

Some assignments also require you to state your opinion with certain limitations like maximum words or characters.

That’s why our session today is #EngTips How to Write Concisely. Yay.

Twitter is a good example for this session. It’s limited to 140 characters but I can’t use confusing abbreviations or grammatically incorrect sentences, like “Me want eat. I hngry.” #EngTips

To write concisely is to write a shorter sentence without depleting the value of said sentence. #EngTips

So here are few tips on how to write concisely! #EngTips

  1. Reduce the usage of adverbs if not really, verily, ultimately necessary. #EngTips

The sentence above is wordy. Use at most one adverb unless you want to emphasize on the adverbs. #EngTips

  1. Avoid redundancy of words that could lead to an unnecessary usage of words. #EngTips

I used redundancy and unnecessary, which have similar meaning, in one sentence. #EngTips

I could simply state “Avoid redundancy of words.” or “Avoid unnecessary usage of words.” #EngTips

Another example is this: “The reason I’m doing this is because I care about you.” #EngTips

You don’t need the word “the reason” and “because” in one sentence because one implies the other. #EngTips

  1. Unless there’s a reason not to, use active sentence instead of passive. #EngTips

“It was earlier demonstrated that criminal activities can be caused by alcohol beverages.” Versus “The study showed that alcohol beverages can cause criminal activities.” #EngTips

See the difference between the two sentences? Active sentence usually use fewer words than passive sentence. #EngTips

  1. Reduce the basically unnecessary weasel words. #EngTips

Weasel words are the words that don’t actually mean anything. We often accidentally use these words. #EngTips

Weasel words: basically, very, really, actually, more, the vast majority, etc. #EngTips

The words are fine but sometimes we only add them because we feel like it. Avoid using it unless it’s necessary. #EngTips

  1. Utilize the shortest word that shares the same meaning. #EngTips

I can replace the word “utilize” with “use” which shares the same meaning. #EngTips

Same goes with “facilitate” with “help”, “impact on” with “affect”, etc. #EngTips

Do you have more tips to share, fellas? We will retweet you if you do!

That was it for today, fellas! For more useful tips check out our website englishtips4u.com . See you!

Compiled and written by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, May 13, 2016.

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