#IOTW: Food Idioms

Hey ho, fellas! Here are some common idioms based on food.

  1. bad egg | meaning: a person who is often in trouble.
    • Example: Jason is the bad egg in the class. I feel sorry for him.
  2. cream of the crop | meaning: the best.
    • Example: Mr. Clyde is the cream of the crop in this retail business.
  3. cup of joe | meaning: cup of coffee.
    • Example: My brain doesn’t work well until I have a cup of joe.
  4. hot potato | meaning: a controversial or difficult subject.
    • Example: The election is a hot potato among our country at the moment.
  5. out to lunch | meaning: crazy or mad.
    • Example: Daniel has been out to lunch ever since his girlfriend dumped him.
  6. souped up | meaning: made more powerful or stylish.
    • Example: Barry thought his souped-up car would attract girls.
  7. use your noodle | meaning: use your brain.
    • Example: You have to use your noodle if you want to pass chemistry test.
  8. butter someone up | meaning: To flatter someone to try to get their favor or friendship.
    • Example: Sara has been buttering up her boss to get a promotion.

8 idioms for today: bad egg, cream of the crop, cup of joe, hot potato, out to lunch, souped up, use your noodle,butter someone up.

Try making a sentence with one of the eight idioms. C’mon, don’t be shy… ;)

Your examples:
@risharisaa: I have been out to lunch since I met him. is it correct?
@NajbMaa: We have to get rid of the bad eggs in the accounting department.

Compiled for @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, 16 March, 2016

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