#WOTD Pauciloquent

Good evening, Fellas! How are you today? Anything interesting happened to you recently?

Oh right, congratulations, high school graduates! How was the SBMPTN?

Anyway, I certainly wish you all the best! Remember that everybody has their own path, and believe that God’s plans are always beautiful.

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. Our session today is #WOTD Pauciloquent!

Pauciloquent is an adjective. It means uttering few words or brief in speech. #WOTD

Pauciloquent is pronounced as (pɔːˈsɪləkwənt). It sounds pretty cool, isn’t it? #WOTD

Pauciloquent earliest use was in the 17th century. #WOTD

It’s derived from Latin: Pauci (little/few) + -loquent (that speaks) which then roughly translated as the definition we use right now. #WOTD

Let’s try and use it in sentences, shall we? #WOTD

“He tried to be pauciloquent, but he just can’t help his long, wordy speeches.” #WOTD

“Desi has always been pauciloquent. She always says nothing more than “no comment” to the media.” #WOTD

I’m unable to find words that are synonymous with pauciloquent. Can you help me with that, Fellas? #WOTD

Noo. It’s more like, your speech is short and brief. “@syifaeff: is pauciloquent same with lack of words?”

Well, then that’s it for today, Fellas! Remember to regularly check our website englishtips4u.com  for more topics.

Alright, see y’all tomorrow, Fellas!

Compiled and written by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, June 3, 2016.


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