#IOTW Hot and Cold Idioms

Good evening, Fellas! It’s raining cats and dogs here in my hometown. How are things on your end?

This is the perfect weather to snuggle beneath a blanket and enjoy a good book or light English session on twitter. :p

Worry not, my friends, for I am here to share with you. Today’s session will be #IOTW Hot and Cold Idioms!

Feel free to join anytime!

  1. Full of hot air: full of nonsense. #IOTW

“Don’t take her seriously; she’s full of hot air.” #IOTW

  1. Get cold feet: loss of nerve or confidence. #IOTW

“She got cold feet and left me hanging. I guess I’ll have to eat all the pizza by myself.” #IOTW

  1. Hot and bothered: in a state of discomfort. #IOTW

“He seems hot and bothered because he is not ready for his blind date.” #IOTW

  1. Cold turkey: to quit suddenly or unprepared. #IOTW

“After his dad died of lung cancer, he stopped smoking cold turkey.” #IOTW

  1. Strike while the iron is hot: take advantage of good conditions. #IOTW

“Strike while the iron is hot! Go ask her on a date while she’s lonely.” #IOTW

  1. In the cold light of day: after you can think clearly about something. #IOTW

“In the cold light of day, I don’t miss her that much.” #IOTW

  1. 7.In hot water: in a big trouble. #IOTW

“I accidentally crashed my dad’s car. I’m in a hot water.” #IOTW

  1. A cold spell: cold weather, usually for a long term. #IOTW

“This cold spell better be done by Monday; I’m tired of wearing jacket. #IOTW

  1. Blow hot and cold: not able to decide something. #IOTW

“He keeps blowing hot and cold about leaving his girlfriend. I’m getting tired of waiting.”

Do you have more hot and cold idioms, fellas? Hit that reply button! #IOTW

I guess that was it, Fellas! Don’t forget to check out our magnificent website http://englishtips4u.com ! See you later!

Compiled and written by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, July 15, 2016.


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