#EngTips Nosy Questions and How to Answer Them

Good evening, Fellas! I hope your tummies are okay after what they have been through these past few days. :p

So, how was your Eid al-Fitr? Do you have anything interesting to share?

Meeting relatives is fun, but also has its downsides. For example: Frequently asked nosy questions.

Yes, “Where’s your girlfriend/boyfriend?”, “Have you graduated yet?”, and so on. Sometimes it gets really annoying, doesn’t it?

How do you usually respond to these questions? I have compiled few tips that might prove useful.

Welcome to today’s session #EngTips: Nosy Questions and How to Answer Them!

Before we start our session today, please do tell what nosy/annoying questions you got lately! We will retweet you. ;) #EngTips

  1. Answer with another question. #EngTips

This one is a rather aggressive approach in answering the questions. It may be impolite to some people, so be careful. #EngTips

If you’re asked by cousin or a relative of the same age, you can use this method. #EngTips

Don’t forget to add laughter or a smile to make it less threatening. #EngTips

  1. Comment on the question rather than answering. #EngTips

“That’s a good question.” sounds like you’re answering a question regarding your presentation. #EngTips

But it works most of the time, because the people who ask you these questions mostly just making small talk. #EngTips

Or you could simply say “Let’s just hope for the best.” and add a meaningful smile at the end of your statement. #EngTips

  1. Pass the answer to said question to another person. (my personal favorite) #EngTips

Almost every time someone drops an annoying question, I directed the question to anyone around me. #EngTips

Q: When are you going to get married? A: Just ask Mom. She’s my decision maker. #EngTips

Another form of this method is to direct the question to someone that isn’t even there. #EngTips

For example, direct it to your boyfriend or girlfriend or anyone that isn’t related to you but might influence your decision. #EngTips

  1. Pretend you don’t understand the question. #EngTips

Act puzzled. Act dumb. Or at least ask the questioner to repeat the question. #EngTips

As I said before, most people aren’t that curious with your life. They are just making small talk. #EngTips

But if they insist, they will be baffled by your inability to respond to their question. They will get tired eventually. #EngTips

  1. Answer honestly, if you want to. #EngTips

This is probably the best approach if you want to convert the small talk into something more serious. #EngTips

If you have the honest answer and are not tired of answering the question, just answer the question. #EngTips

  1. Just smile (and wave). #EngTips

Smile. Smile. Smile. And then probably divert the question into another subject. #EngTips

It’s just like The Penguins of Madagascar: Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave. #EngTips

Do you have more tips to add, Fellas? We will retweet you if you do!

Well then, it’s a wrap, Fellas! Don’t forget to visit our website http://englishtips4u.com  for more tips! See ya!

Compiled and written by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, July 8, 2016.

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