#EngTalk Pre-Iftar Activities

Good evening, Fellas! How is your Ramadan going? May God bless you all!

As most Muslims may well aware, fasting is more than just restrain ourselves from eating, drinking, among other things.

For some it’s also training session for both body and mind, and of course, a way to earn merits from God.

The hardest hours of fasting are from 2 to 5 pm. Am I right, Fellas? :p

And that’s why our discussion today would be #EngTalk Pre-Iftar Activities, or to put it simply: Ngabuburit!

Mention me your best ngabuburit ideas, Fellas! Especially during the most crucial hours. :p

Let’s start with mine! I usually do binge-watching of my favorite TV series; one season a day kind of thing. How about you? #EngTalk

subhanallah….”@melenguh: ngaji min. ngaji”

Sometimes I also hang out with friends. But still, most of the time, binge-watching series or movies is what I do.

like non-stop watching series back to back. :B “@Gibran_leea: What does binge-watching mean?”

Sounds awesome! What do you usually cook? “@riifda: help my mom to cooking~”

That’s it for today, fellas! Thank you for joining me in this session and don’t forget to check out our website

Have a great Ramadan and see ya tomorrow, Fellas!

Compiled and written by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, June 10, 2016.


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