#EngKnowledge The World After #Brexit

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There was a big commotion last week when #Brexit hit the social media. No, I’m not talking about UEFA EURO 2016.

It’s about the shocking outcome of The EU Referendum where The Brits voted out.

So, what happened after #Brexit? How does it affect us? We will try to review #Brexit in our session today.

#EngKnowledge The World after Brexit. Feel free to join us and give us your opinion!

The reason why 51.9% of the votes call for an out is for UK to finally regain border control and to reclaim business rights. #EngKnowledge

David Cameron, as a Prime Minister of the UK, and the Conservative Party voted in but ultimately their votes lost. #EngKnowledge

So we will be insignificantly unaffected? :o “@hafidznovalsyah: w/ its 5% economic growth, IDN is ‘one of the least unattractive countries in the world’, the effect will be limited.~Basri”

This decision pushed the PM to relinquish his position. But he stays on for at least until the end of September. #EngKnowledge

England and Wales both voted out while Scotland and North Ireland voted in. This could cause other referenda to happen. #EngKnowledge

Why? Because Scotland now wants to leave UK in order to stay at EU, which could also be followed by North Ireland. #EngKnowledge

*Mel Gibson roars “Freedoooom!!!”* #OOT

Thank you, my good sir! “@hafidznovalsyah: Pak @ChatibBasri explained today, the effects spread  into 3 channels: trade, price of commodities & financial. But not much.”

Shortly after Brexit, in the stock market, British pound plunged immediately, although insignificant. #EngKnowledge

Until now, Brexit won’t be able to effectively affect the world’s economy. Not even UK’s own economy. #EngKnowledge

UK is still the subject to the laws of the EU until UK invokes article 50 of The Treaty of Lisbon. #EngKnowledge

This process could take as long as two years to actually be finalized. #EngKnowledge

Yes, thank you! “@RAKemal: Correction. As soon as a state invokes Art50, it’ll be 2 years window to make deals & agreements. Deal/not they’re leaving.”

Many believe that the referendum will be ignored and UK will stay at EU as it always has been. #EngKnowledge

It is, indeed. But Cameron gave them his words that he will honor the result of the referendum. “@RAKemal: That’s why invoking Art50 is a sensitive issue. The referendum’s result is non-binding tho.”

But others believe that this is an inevitable wake-up call. UK may rise and soar, or maybe fall even deeper. #EngKnowledge

If UK prevails, many countries might follow its footsteps and leave EU and EU will be irrelevant. #EngKnowledge

Rumor has it that Boris Johnson, the “Leave” spokeperson is going to replace Cameron. So…out it is? I don’t know. “@RAKemal: Spoken as a true politician. ‘Honour’ doesn’t mean follow, right? He gives that decision to the next PM.

Or this could be a figurative suicidal move by UK. Well, what do you think, Fellas?

Thank you for your participations, Fellas! Special shout-outs to @RAKemal and @hafidznovalsyah for helping me understand Brexit better!

Well, then I guess it’s time for me to wrap this session. Don’t forget to visit our awesome site http://englishtips4u.com . See ya, Fellas!

Compiled and written by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, July 1, 2016.


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