#EngKnowledge History of Marvel Comics

Good evening, Fellas! If you could pick one superpower, what would it be?

I’m personally torn between super-speed and mind-reading. Both are equally useful for my daily life.

Superpowers and superheroes have inspired many to create stories, whether for books, movies, or comic books.

One of the most prominent publishers of comic books is Marvel Comics Group, or Marvel Publishing, Inc.

As of right now they are widely known as Marvel Worldwide, Inc. Yes, they are the ones behind The Avengers and Guardians of The Galaxy.

And that’s why our session today is #EngKnowledge: History of Marvel Comics. YAY! *geekiness intensifies*

Anyway, which one is your favorite character in Marvel Universe? #EngKnowledge

Back in 1939, the Timely Comics released its first superhero-themed comic books: Marvel Comics #1, featuring the first Human Torch.

And then in 1941, one of the first patriotically themed superheroes was created. Can you guess who that was, fellas? #EngKnowledge

P.S.: It’s “The First Avenger” #EngKnowledge

Unfortunately, after the World War II, the sales of all superhero-themed comic books declined drastically. #EngKnowledge

Timely, or in the 1950s was known as Atlas Comics, followed the trends with a variety of genres such as horror and humor. #EngKnowledge

Only in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Marvel’s biggest competitor to date, DC revived the superhero genre. #EngKnowledge

Stan Lee, the writer, and Jack Kirby, the artist, in the 1961 created the first ever Fantastic Four. #EngKnowledge

DC’s failure in the characterization of superheroes gave Marvel a chance to redesign the concept of superheroes. #EngKnowledge

Marvel superheroes are often flawed or misfits, unlike the socially acceptable, athletic heroes found in traditional comic books.

Stan Lee is said to be the one that single-handedly brought Marvel superheroes to lead the market. #EngKnowledge

In 1968, Martin Goodman sold Marvel Comics and his other publishing business to Perfect Film and Chemical Corporation. #EngKnowledge

And then in 1972, Goodman retired as a publisher and succeeded by Stan Lee. #EngKnowledge

Stan Lee then attempted to diversify the genre, by introducing horror, martial arts, etc. and gained moderate success. #EngKnowledge

In 1973, Perfect Film and Chemical Corporation changed its name to Cadence Industries. #EngKnowledge

In the 1980s, Marvel hired Jim Shooter as an Editor-in-Chief. Shooter then cured many procedural ills at Marvel. #EngKnowledge

Shooter was responsible for the introduction of the company-wide crossover such as Contest of Champions and Secret Wars. #EngKnowledge

Unfortunately, he was also accused of interfering with the writers’ creative process and then replaced by Tom DeFalco. #EngKnowledge

In the late 80s, Marvel was sold to New World Entertainment then MacAndrews and Forbes respectively. #EngKnowledge

The industry of comic books was declining in the mid-1990s. Marvel then expanded the business by selling collectible trading cards.

Shortly thereafter, Marvel created Marvel Studios, devoted to film and TV projects and led by Avi Arad. #EngKnowledge

And then in the 2000s, Marvel introduced what is now known as Marvel Cinematic Universe. #EngKnowledge

In 2009, The Walt Disney Company announced a deal to acquire Marvel Comic’s parent corporation, Marvel Entertainment, for $4.2 billion.

Did I miss something, Fellas? Or do you have more to add? We’ll retweet you if you do!

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Compiled and written by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, May 27, 2016.


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