#GrammarTrivia: Because and Because of

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Andy Riyan @anndyriyan

Hi! I am listening a music.


Very often when listening to the music, we get carried away and become emotional. Not only because we can relate to the lyrics or the song means something to us, like reminding us of our loved ones. But also because of the singer or musician, who performs so wholeheartedly.

Did you notice how I used ‘because’ and ‘because of’ in two previous tweets, fellas? That’s our topic for today’s #GrammarTrivia.

Before we get to more details, do you mind sharing your understanding about the use of ‘because’ and ‘because of’, fellas? #GrammarTrivia

Nada ‏@despasya  25 Jul

@EnglishTips4U because of is used to refer at something, the cause of the problem. Because is more general, used to talk about the problem


Both ‘because’ and ‘because of’ are used to introduce reasons. #GrammarTrivia

Because’ is a conjuction introducing clauses of cause and reason, followed by subject + verb. #GrammarTrivia

E.g.: The ceremony was moved indoor because it rained heavily. #GrammarTrivia

Meanwhile, ‘because of’ is a preposition, which also means ‘as a result of’. It’s generally followed by a noun or verb -ing. #GrammarTrivia

E.g.: Because of the heavy rain, the ceremony was moved to indoor. #GrammarTrivia

Now, let’s play a small game, fellas. Please fill in the blank with the correct one, ‘because’ or ‘because of’. #GrammarTrivia

  1. She fainted _______ her migraine. Because or because of? #GrammarTrivia
  2. The customers are demanding full refund _______ the products sold are fake. #GrammarTrivia
  3. ________ he rarely exercises, he feels exhausted all the time. #GrammarTrivia
  4. ________ the fast delivery, we tipped the pizza guy $50. #GrammarTrivia


I hope now ‘because’ and ‘because of’ are more clear for you.

The answers:

  1. Because of
  2. Because
  3. Because
  4. Because of #GrammarTrivia



@englishtips4u just want to remind a simple thing. it is actually ‘Clearer’ not ‘more clear’, is’nt it ?

It’s a special case with clear; both clearer and more clear can be used, although clearer is more common. Thanks :)


Okay, fellas, any suggestions, questions, comments, and ideas are always welcome. Mention us or visit www.englishtips4u.com.

Thank you for having me! Have a good night, everyone! See you tomorrow!!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 25 July, 2016.

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