#EngQuiz: Question Tag

Good evening, everyone! How are you doing?

It’s a bit windy today, isn’t it? To spice it up, I’d like to invite you to a small #EngQuiz of question tag! Nothing hard, just fill in the blank with the correct grammatical form. Are you ready? #EngQuiz

  1. It’s been a long day, ______?
    a. isn’t it
    b. is it
    c. hasn’t it
  2. Let’s celebrate it with a dinner, _______?
    a. won’t we
    b. shall we
    c. do we
  3. _______ be together forever, shan’t we?
    a. We shall
    b. We will
    c. We should
  4. The teacher is going to be here any minute, _______?
    a. won’t she
    b. isn’t she
    c. is she
  5. The manager _______ my email, didn’t he?
    a. read
    b. reads
    c. reading
  6. You don’t talk much, _______?
    a. are you
    b. don’t you
    c. do you
  7. ________ to stay here and wait, aren’t I?
    a. I can
    b. I am
    c. I will
  8. We have so much to do, _______?
    a. haven’t we
    b. don’t we
    c. aren’t we
  9. Do get something to eat, ______?
    a. do you
    b. don’t you
    c. will you
  10. We have got an amazing time, ________?
    a. haven’t we
    b. don’t we
    c. didn’t we



  1. c. hasn’t it. ‘It’s’ here is short of ‘it has’. #EngQuiz
  2. b. shall we. The correct question tag for ‘let’s’ or ‘let us’ is ‘shall we’. #EngQuiz
  3. a. We shall. The key is in ‘shan’t we’, which is short of ‘shall we not’. #EngQuiz
  4. b. isn’t she. Don’t get confused with ‘won’t’, fellas, as it is the suitable question tag to ‘will’. #EngQuiz
  5. a. read. I used ‘didn’t he’, which indicated the event is in the past, and the correct verb is ‘read’. #EngQuiz
  6. c. do you. #EngQuiz
  7. b. I am. Even though ‘to be’ used here is ‘am’, the question tag will be ‘aren’t’. #EngQuiz
  8. b. don’t we. ‘Have’ here is from the verb ‘to have’, thus the question tag is ‘don’t we’. #EngQuiz
  9. c. will you. ‘Do get’ here is an imperative to express order, so the correct question tag is ‘will you.’ #EngQuiz
  10. a. haven’t we. ‘Have’ in the sentence is auxiliary. The correct one is ‘haven’t we’ instead of ‘don’t we’. #EngQuiz


It’s a wrap! Don’t be sad if you haven’t got all the answers right. Keep following us to help brush up your English. Also, check http://www.englishtips4u.com  for our past sessions and other interesting topics!

Thank you for your participation in today’s #EngQuiz! Stay excellent, fellas! Good night!!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 1st August, 2016.

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