#EngKnowledge: HM The Queen Elizabeth II

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Are you familiar with Queen Elizabeth? What do you know about her? Today we are going to have a short discussion on one of the most recognised figures in the world, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We have collected some key information on her from various resources just for you. Enjoy…

  1. Her full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. She was born on 21 April 1926.
  1. She has had more than 30 corgies during her reign.
  1. She bred a corgi with a dachshund and created the dorgi, and has continued to breed them since.
  1. Her love of dogs came from her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria, who owned dachshunds and Scottish collies.
  1. Some of the most unusual gifts she has received during her reign include: two live tortoises and a 7-year-old bull elephant named “Jumbo.”
  1. In 1982, an intruder scaled Buckingham Palace and entered her bedroom. They had a 10-minute conversation before she called up security.
  1. During the year, she received almost 40,000 birthday messages from the public.
  1. The queen speaks fluent French.
  1. The queen is the only person in the UK who doesn’t need a driver’s license or a license plate to drive.
  1. As a princess, Elizabeth drove a truck and trained as a mechanic in World War II.
  1. Elizabeth also does not need a passport to travel internationally.

Those are some key information about Her Majesty that we have collected for you. We have lots of information on important figures in the world on our web; they are tagged either under #EngKnowledge or #EngTrivia. Feel free to check them!



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