#WOTD Beguile

Howdy, Fellas! How ya doin’? Do you have plans for the weekend already?

Have you ever been charmed into doing something you don’t actually want to do? We have a word for that!

Yes, our session today is #WOTD Beguile. Yay!

Beguile (bih-gahyl) is a verb. It has multiple meanings, such as: #WOTD

  1. To influence by trickery and/or flattery. #WOTD

“The cult leader beguiled his followers into thinking that he is the embodiment of an angel.” #WOTD

  1. To take away from by cheating or deceiving (usually followed by of). #WOTD

“I was beguiled of my money. She took my wallet, cellphone, and unfortunately, my heart.” #WOTD

  1. To charm or divert. #WOTD

“The diverse collections of modern art beguile the tourists to do a long tour of the gallery.” #WOTD

  1. To pass the time pleasantly. #WOTD

“I beguile the long night with a movie marathon”. #WOTD

Beguile first appeared around the 13th century in the sense “to lead or draw by deception”. #WOTD

And then in the Shakespearean Era, the word took on a new sense, “to charm”. #WOTD

The word is closely related to “guile” that means “the use of clever and usually dishonest methods to achieve something”. #WOTD

The synonyms for beguile are: deceive, charm, mislead, seduce, manipulate, etc. #WOTD

So, now you have the word for when you’re cleverly tricked by someone!

That’s all I can share with you today, Fellas! I hope you enjoyed this session as much as I did.

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compiled by @bintilvice for @EnglishTips4U on Friday, 29 July 2016

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