#IOTW: Work Related Idioms

Hi, fellas. How was your day? Mine was all about work, but, yeah, it was fun. Hope yours was too!

Talking about work, this session is about work related idioms.

  1. start/get the ball rolling | definition: to take the first step to begin a process.
    • For example: This February, we’ll start the ball rolling on the new project.
  2. line of work | definition : job field; type of work.
    • For example: The construction worker said that injuries were common in his line of work.
  3. talk shop | definition: to talk about work-related things.
    • For example: Next outing day, let’s not talk shop and have a lot of fun instead!
  4. call the shots | definition: to make the decisions.
    • For example: Tina needs to call the shots because her boss is away.
  5. be in the red | definition: at a deficit; running at a loss; losing money.
    • For example: The store has been in the red since the end of last year.
  6. red tape | definition: bureaucracy; formal rules that usually make something hard to do.
    • For example: Jessica’s working permit was held up for 2 months because of red tape.
  7. slack off | definition: to work unproductively and lazily.
    • For example : Because the boss is on holiday, everyone at the office slacks off.

That’s all for now, fellas. See you again soon.


Compiled for @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, 20 January, 2016

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