#WOTD: Barbara

Hi guys, how are you today? Did you have a great day? Tonight, we are going to discuss a unique word in English. The word is ‘Barbara.’


When you hear the word ‘Barbara,’ what comes to your mind? ‘Barbara’ is one of the most frequent names in the world. It is listed as the top 100 most popular names for female babies in Chile, Hungary, and Poland. Even in 1930, ‘Barbara’ was the third most popular female given name in America.

‘Barbara’ has variants in some parts of the world e.g. ‘Barbaros’ in Greek, ‘Varvara’ in Russian, and ‘Barbro’ in Swedish.

The most notable person named ‘Barbara’ is Saint Barbara, the protectress against fire and lightning in Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox. Based on our research, ‘Barbara’ has been assigned as a name of various things in the world besides as the proper name of people. ‘Barbara’ has also been a name of places, ships, and asteroids, as well as the title of some films, prints, and songs. And guess what? Other than proper names, ‘Barbara’ has also been used in English daily conversation both as a noun and a verb. Some of them are to denote..

1) Barbara = a beautiful girl that would drive any boys insane, the most ideal.

e.g. “Did you see the girl who just passed by? She is definitely a Barbara!”

or e.g. “My school hosts more Barbaras than yours.”

2) Barbara = a cute girl and easy to hang out with


A) “do you reckon Nindy will fancy going on vacation with us?”

B) “Yeah for sure, she is a barb.”

or e.g.

A) “how do you describe Nad?”

B) “A barb. She is a Barbara.”

Other than acting as a noun, ‘Barbara’ also performs as a verb as in…

3) Barbara = the act of corrupting the mind of an innocent individual

e.g. “Dude, my friend just went all Barbara on her.”

That’s all that I can share to you about Barbara. Hope you enjoy that. Don’t forget to check our web http://englishtips4u.com . It stores abundant English knowledge from various sources.

See you tomorrow. :)



Compiled by @Wisznu, on March 31, 2016





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