#IOTW: Traveling Idioms

This post will be about traveling idioms. Do you know any?

  1. Itchy feet | meaning: feeling of a need to travel.
    • e.g., Anita has itchy feet every December. This
      time she is traveling to Peru.
  2. Off the beaten track | meaning: away from the frequently traveled routes.
    • e.g., We found a gorgeous empty waterfall off the beaten track in Bali.
  3. At the wheel | meaning: driving, in control of a vehicle.
    • e.g., you need to rest well tonight. You’re at the wheel tomorrow morning.
  4. Hit the road | meaning: to begin traveling, to leave a place, to go away.
    • e.g., It’s holiday season, let’s hit the road!
  5. Red-eye flight | meaning: an overnight or late-night flight.
    • e.g., One of the reasons I took the red-eye flight was the price. It was so much cheaper.
  6. Something for the road | meaning: having one more of something before departing.
    • e.g., You have to leave soon. Take a bottle of juice for the road.
  7. Live out of a suitcase | meaning: to continuously travel from place to place.
    • e.g., I know a couple who live out of their suitcases. They’re really popular now.


Compiled for @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, 23 December, 2015.

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