#EngTips: Unspoken Suit Rules

Hi guys, how are you today? Did you have a great day?


Today, we are having a discuss on suit. This information is gonna be very useful for those of you who are planning to buy or make a suit or even just wearing it at a formal occasion. Below are some tips on suit. Enjoy!

  1. The width of the tie should match the width of the lapel.
  2. When buying an off-the-rack suit, the number one thing to check is how the shoulders fit.
  3. Your belt should be fairly thin and the same color as your shoes.
  4. Always unbutton your suit before sitting down, or you risk ruining it.
  5. Sleeve cuffs should be exposed about half an inch.
  6. Make sure that your socks are long enough that there’s no exposed leg when sitting down.
  7. Your tie should always be darker than your dress shirt.
  8. When wearing a light-colored suit, a dark pocket square can provide a visual anchor
  9. Never pair a sports watch with your suit
  10. The tip of your tie should be at/just before the buckle of the belt
  11. There shouldn’t be any gap between the shirt’s collar and the suit

Those are the tips of suit that we have successfully compiled for you. Hope you enjoy them. Thanks for your attention today. See you tomorrow!



Compiled by @Wisznu, 21 April 2016

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