#EngVocab: Words related to killing

Hello, fellas! How was your day? It has been raining heavily in Jakarta for the past few days. What about your hometown?

Tonight, we’ll have #EngVocab session about words related to killing. Yeah, it’s a bit scary but let’s just see this session from learning point of view.

Let’s start, then!

  1. Suicide: killing oneself
  2. Patricide: killing one’s father
  3. Matricide: killing one’s mother
  4. Parenticide: killing one’s parent(s)
  5. Fratricide: killing one’s brother
  6. Sororicide: killing one’s sister
  7. Mariticide/viricide: killing one’s husband
  8. Uxoricide: killing one’s wife
  9. Filicide/prolicide: killing one’s son/daughter
  10. Parricide: killing a close relative

Those are the words you can use to describe a killing of one’s family member. Generally, the word can be used both for the act of killing, and the killer. Ex: an uxoricide is one who commits uxoricide.

That’s all for tonight, fellas. I hope this session is helpful to you all. Thank you for your attention. Good night and have a nice rest.


Compiled by @iismail21 for @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, 20 July, 2016.


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