#EngQuiz: Loose, Lose, or Loss?

Hello hey hi, fellas!
How are you?
Today is #EngQuiz day! The topic is loose, lose, and loss. :)

In this quiz, you will have to choose the correct answer for each question.
Let’s start!

1. Which one is a noun? (Loose/Lose/Loss) #EngQuiz
2. Which one is both an adjective and a verb? (Loose/Lose/Loss) #EngQuiz
3. Which one means ‘not tightly fixed; easy to detach’? (Loose/Lose/Loss) #EngQuiz
4. Which one means ‘to set free; to release’? (Loose/Lose/Loss) #EngQuiz
5. Which one relates to a feeling of having something/someone gone? (Loose/Lose/Loss) #EngQuiz
6. Which one means ‘fail to win’? (Loose/Lose/Loss) #EngQuiz
7. I like sleeping in __________ T-shirt. (Loose/Lose/Loss) #EngQuiz
8. The ______ of her sister was devastating. (Loose/Lose/Loss) #EngQuiz
9. He didn’t _______ the battle. (Loose/Lose/Loss) #EngQuiz
10. We will ______ the dogs tomorrow. (Loose/Lose/Loss) #EngQuiz
1. Loss
2. Loose
3. Loose
4. Loose
5. Loss
6. Lose
7. Loose
8. Loss
9. Lose
10. Loose

How many questions did you answer correctly, fellas? :)
That is all I can share for today, hope you had fun and I hope the quiz could be useful for you!

Compiled and written by @waitatiri at @EnglishTips4U on July 19, 2016.

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