#EngTalk: Movies vs. Series

Hello, everyone!! How are you doing?

I hope you’re all well. It’s the last day of May. Quite a busy, full month, is it not? :)

Summer break is near, complete with a list of must-see blockbuster movies. But for some of us, me for example, going out to catch some movies can be a little bit of something to avoid, if I can, teehee.

I am just not a fan of standing in a long queue, in a packed movie theater, during holiday season. Or any other times. For some reasons, I found being lazy, watching Western TV series at home and biting into homemade treats are much more convenient.

And that is going to be our topic for today’s #EngTalk, fellas. Do you prefer watching movies or series? Tweet us your pick and why with the hashtag #EngTalk. I’d love to hear from you.

Hanif ‏@hanif_tika  30 Mei
@EnglishTips4U woohooo, i prefer series but movies are great too

Wahab Kamal ‏@wahabbkamal  31 Mei
@EnglishTips4U watching some videos from Youtube Offline feature that i was downloaded before

Sulastriyani ‏@Lstryani  31 Mei
@EnglishTips4U I do prefer movies than series. #EngTalk

@arasso97  31 Mei
انيس اريسا Movies!! Because i am too lazy watching series

Muammar ‏@mgibrann11  31 Mei
@EnglishTips4U haven’t got any time to watch western series – i’d like to watch ballers but that might take some time

Muammar ‏@mgibrann11  31 Mei
@EnglishTips4U movies, but if the series is good i might watch one too – i’m waiting for new camp wwe episodes atm #engtalk

Helena Eka Ambarita ‏@helenaeka  31 Mei
@EnglishTips4U series, i can’t stand to watch the whole 2 hours watching movie but often marathoning dramas. I don’t know what’s wrong w me

blackpearl ‏@y_jie11  31 Mei
@EnglishTips4U errrrr bothhh


For those of you who just joined, fellas, I’d like to invite you to share which you prefer, watching movies or series. We also have a poll on it. Just scroll down through our timeline to vote which you like more, watching movies or series.


Riana RF ‏@riurive  31 Mei
@englishtips4u Movies. But I like watching series as well. Esp. British series. They dont have too many episodes.

Yannita Khoir ‏@yannitakhoir  31 Mei
@EnglishTips4U i love both!!!!

Irfan_ ‏@irfan_cast  31 Mei
@EnglishTips4U movies

tikak ‏@unrobotic  31 Mei
@EnglishTips4U series! because i don’t like it when a story has to end, watching series means longer time to enjoy the story!

Alliza Rizky Ayu ‏@allizari  31 Mei
@EnglishTips4U both

Carmela Catabay ‏@maamCarmela  31 Mei
@EnglishTips4U I enjoy both movies and series.

Annisa Meidianty ‏@nsmeidiantyyy  31 Mei


All right, fellas, today’s #EngTalk is wrapped up. Thank you very much for sharing!!

From your tweets, I can see that most of you enjoy watching both movies and series, but here’s the poll’s result.


I should have made another option in the poll, ‘Both’. Once again, thank you for joining today’s #EngTalk.

See you tomorrow, fellas! Good night!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Tuesday, 31 May, 2016.

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