#EngVocab: Kingdom

Hi, fellas! How was your day?

I’m glad that you had a good one. If you did not, don’t worry, tomorrow it will be better.

So, I have been spending the past few days re-watching old episodes of #GameOfThrones. Are you fans, too, fellas? I thought it’d be good if we made a session of vocabs related to a kingdom, which are used a lot in the series.

However, today’s #EngVocab will be a little bit different. I’ll tweet some words and you’ll guess what they are using the provided clues.

Are you ready?

1. Re _ _ m (noun).
Synonymous to ‘kingdom’. #EngVocab

2. _ o v _ r _ _ g n (adjective).
Possessing supreme power. #EngVocab

3. _ o n a _ _ h (noun).
Head of state. #EngVocab

4. He _ _ (noun).
A person who inherits something. #EngVocab

5. _ _ i _ h t (noun).
A mounted soldier in armor. #EngVocab

6. D _ t _ _ o _ e (verb).
Remove a ruler from power. #EngVocab

7. _ _ _ s t _ c r _ c _ (noun).
The highest class in certain society. #EngVocab

8. C h _ t e _ _ (noun).
A large French country house or castle. #EngVocab

9. _ o _ r t (noun).
A royal household. #EngVocab

10. E _ _ _ r e (noun).
An extensive group of states or countries under a single supreme authority. #EngVocab


All right, fellas! Those are ten words that you need to guess. I’ll be back in a while to retweet the answers. For your correct answers to be retweeted, your account should be set as public, not private.


  1. Realm
  2. Sovereign
  3. Monarch
  4. Heir
  5. Knight
  6. Dethrone
  7. Aristocracy
  8. Chateau
  9. Court
  10. Empire


I hope you got all answers right. Stay tuned to our timeline for games, quizzes, and other interesting topics, fellas! Don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestion at our site, www.englishtips4u.com. They are most appreciated :)

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about movies and series. Which one do you prefer? Let us know!

Thank you very much for participating. Have a good rest, fellas! See you tomorrow!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 30 May, 2016.

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