#WOTD: Faux Pas

Good evening, everyone! How was your Tuesday?

Today, we are going to learn the term ‘faux pas’. Are you familiar with it? #WOTD

Faux pas (n.), pronounced ‘fō ˈpä’, is a French term which literally means ‘false step’. #WOTD

Its full definition in English language is an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation. #WOTD

Simplified, faux pas can be defined as social mistake or blunder. To get more understanding of this term, let’s use it in sentence. #WOTD

E.g.: No wonder your boyfriend is upset. An hour late for a date is a serious faux pas. #WOTD

E.g.: It was another faux pas for the singer when he performed with lip-sync at a recent award show. #WOTD

Now, would you like to make an example with ‘faux pas’, fellas? #WOTD

Today, faux pas is also used a lot to describe poor fashion sense (original article by The Guardian). #WOTD

Fashion faux pas


Words synonymous to faux pas are mistake, blunder, gaffe, indiscretion, impropriety, solecism, barbarism, blooper, and carelessness. #WOTD

All right, fellas, that’s what I can share for today. Thank you very much for joining!

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See you tomorrow, fellas! Bye, bye!!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Tuesday, 24 May, 2016.

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