#EngTips: Proofreading

Hello, fellas! How was your day?

Tonight we’ll have #EngTips session about proofreading. In this session, we’d like to remind you that before submitting your writing, it is of utmost importance to re-read your work. This way, you can minimize any typographical error that might happen during your writing process. So, what do we do in proofreading process?

Let’s start tonight’s #EngTips, then!

  1. Look for typographical errors

This is very common. Did you write “there” while you mean “they’re”? Or maybe “amd” instead of “and”?

  1. Look for inappropriate use of punctuations

This is actually a bit hard. You need to focus your eyes to look for misuse punctuations, those little marks in your writing. Make sure you use periods (.), commas (,), hyphens (-), question marks (?) etc. in a correct manner.

  1. Look for grammatical errors

Grammatical errors affect your writing in an unpleasant manner. Even one error can change the context of your sentence or even your full writing. Pay full attention to the use of tense, preposition, part of speech, etc.

  1. Make sure your writing is in correct order.

I am talking about the context here. Make sure that your writing has a title or purpose that matches the main body of your writing. Make sure that a sentence is related to the next sentence, a paragraph to the next paragraph, a chapter to the next chapter.

In the end, I once again stress that re-reading your own writing is crucial before you submit it. No matter if it’s only a status update on your Twitter or Facebook accounts or an essay you should submit to your teacher, just re-read it.

That’s it, then, fellas. I hope tonight’s session is helpful to you. See you tomorrow and good night.

Compiled by @iismail21 for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 22 May, 2016.

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