#EngTrivia: The use of ‘then’ and ‘with’

In this article, we’re going to discuss the use of ‘then’ and ‘with’ in a sentence. Before we get to how the words are used, let’s check out their meaning. We’ll start with ‘then.’


The word ‘then’ has three kinds of meaning.

First, it means ‘at that time.’ Example:

  • “Our family moved to the US fifteen years ago. I was just three years old then.”
  • “We can’t leave for the cinema at 9PM. By then, the movie will have finished.”

Secondly, ‘then’ is used to indicate what will happen next, what is next in a series, and what is in addition to the main item. Example:

  • “He blinked silently for a moment, and then roared with laughter.”
  • “The professor gave us too many assignments. First, the 1,000-word essay, and then a pile of books to read.”
  • “You can’t let a 14-year-old kid drive to school. It’s dangerous. And then, he’s not of age yet.”

Next, ‘then’ means ‘in that case,’ ‘according to that,’ and ‘as it appears.’ ‘Then’ is used after ‘but’ to qualify previous statement, and indicates necessary consequences. Example:

  • “Wear my jacket, then. It’s too cold.”
  • “He preferred taking an internship at local government office rather than going to university this year. He made up his mind, then.”
  • “He drove under influence on Saturday night and hit another vehicle. The cause of the accident, then, is established.”
  • “She got terrible grades in Math, but then again she was never interested with the subject.”
  • “If the data entry was correct, then system would automatically give you the right answer.”


Now, on to ‘with.’ The word indicates people or things are together in one place, two or more people doing something together, and used to describe someone or something having a particular characteristic, possession, etc. Example:

  • “The copy is saved with the original document.”
  • “Whom are you travelling with?”
  • “I came to realise she’s somebody I need to be with.” Alternative: “I came to realize I need to be with somebody like her.”
  • “I haven’t seen Mia for two days. I think she’s still down with the fever.”
  • “Have you seen my dog? It’s a pitbull with brown fur, blue collar, and eyes that can melt your heart.”


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Tuesday, May 17, 2016


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