#EngGame: Musical Concert

Good evening, fellas! Hope you had an amazing day!

We are going to play an #EngGame today! I’ll tweet words with scrambled letters, and you’re going to guess what the words are.

Clue: they are all related to concert. Are you ready? #EngGame

1. P-S-A-R-E   G-E-T-N-C-E-S-E
The ability to get the audience’s attention. #EngGame

2. K-I-O-R-O-E
A newcomer. #EngGame

3. A-T-N   P-O-C-G-I-N-E
An entertainment act who performs before the headliner. #EngGame

4. P-O-S-H   T-I-M
An act of pushing or slamming into one another in certain area at a concert. #EngGame

5. D-I-R-E-R
A list of requests or demands that a performer sets as criteria for performance. #EngGame

6. P-C-Y-L   S-I-N
Miming the lyrics to a pre-recorded song or vocals. #EngGame

7. S-E-N-M-L-E-B-E
A group of musicians performing together. #EngGame

8. C-U-R-F-R   D-W-I-G-O-N-S
Passing somebody overhead from person to person (pic from Pinterest). #EngGame

Crowd Surfing.jpg


9. A-L-I-F-E-N
The last part of a performance, normally dramatic or exciting. #EngGame

10. C-O-R-E-E-N
Repeated or additional part of a performance, usually called for by the audience. #EngGame


All right, fellas! Those are our questions. I’ll be back in 10 minutes to retweet the correct answers. Stay tuned! #EngGame

I’m back!! Before I start with the answers, did you know that the biggest concert to date had 3.5 million attendees? That. Was. Massive.

Now to the answers. #EngGame


  1. Stage presence
  2. Rookie
  3. Opening act
  4. Mosh pit
  5. Rider
  6. Lip sync
  7. Ensemble
  8. Crowd surfing
  9. Finale
  10. Encore


There you go, fellas! Don’t be discouraged if your answers were not retweeted. You can always join another #EngGame.

Tomorrow, we’re going to discuss something that came to our inbox: the use of ‘then’ and ‘with’ in a sentence.

Remember when you’re scrolling through our timeline or browsing at www.englishtips4u.com, you’re totally welcome to drop any comments, suggestions, or questions related to learning English.

Thank you so much for joining today’s #EngGame!! I hope you had as much fun as I did :))

Good night, fellas! Goodbye!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 16 May, 2016.

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