#IOTW: Idioms related to body parts (3)

Hello, fellas! How was your day? Mine was extremely exhausting. Tonight, we’ll have #IOTW session about body parts. Let’s start!

  1. All ears. Meaning: fully listening
    • Example:
      • “You have to be all ears in the meeting.”
  2. Break a leg. Meaning: good luck
    • Example:
      • “You’ll have exams next week? Break a leg!”
  3. Cold feet. Meaning: nervous feeling
    • Example:
      • “All new singers have cold feet before their first appearance.”
  4. Cost an arm and a leg. Meaning: very expensive
    • Example:
      • “Those new gadgets cost an arm and a leg.”
  5. Cry your heart out. Meaning: cry very hard
    • Example:
      • “He was so devastated that he cried his heart out.”
  6. Face the music. Meaning: stand up to bad situations
    • Example:
      • “I didn’t study for the test. I guess I’ll have to face the music.
  7. Flesh and blood. Meaning: relative
    • Example:
      • “The Prince is the flesh and blood of the late king.”
  8. Head start. Meaning: an earlier start
    • Example:
      • “He succeeds faster because he had a brilliant head start.”

That’s all I can share tonight, fellas. Don’t miss our upcoming topics! Thank you for your attention. Have a good rest and good night!

Compiled and written by @iismail21 for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 15 May, 2016.



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