#EngVocab: Musical Concert

Hello, fellas!! How are you?

Dry season is approaching for us in Indonesia, and it means a lot of wonderful things to happen soon.

One of them is musical concert or music festival. Are you a concert enthusiast, too, fellas? :))

Now, before we attend a concert of our favourite singer or musician, let’s have a look to some vocabs related to musical concert. #EngVocab

Early bird ticket (n.) is ticket sold way before D-day with discounted price to ensure more people will attend a musical event. #EngVocab

General Admission/GA (n.) refers to seating or standing area that’s occupied on first-come first-served basis or not reserved. #EngVocab

Early entry ticket (n.) means the holder should enter the venue and register before certain time. #EngVocab

(Come) rain or shine means the event will keep going on and not depend on the weather condition. #EngVocab

Line up (n.) refers to a list of various musicians or singers who are going to perform at the event. #EngVocab

Headline (n.) is a performer who is considered as the highlight of the event. #EngVocab

VIP (Very Important Person) (n.) means attendee who spends more to get specifically assigned space and other benefits. #EngVocab

Stage fright (n.) is a fear of public speaking or performance. #EngVocab

Stage diving (n.) is an act of leaping from the stage onto the crowd. Pic from unsignedtopchartsdotcom #EngVocab

Stage diving.jpg


Set list/setlist (n.) is a list of songs or numbers a musician or singer will play or sing during the concert. #EngVocab


All right, fellas! Those are some words and phrases that we usually hear around a musical event. #EngVocab

Thank you for having joined today’s session! If you missed it, you can scroll down our timeline or visit www.englishtips4u.com.

Have a good night, fellas! See you tomorrow!!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 2 May, 2016.

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