#EngQuiz: Choose the Correct One

Good evening, fellas! How are you today? I hope your day went well.

Today, we will have a session of #EngQuiz! I will tweet some sentences, and you should fill the blank with the correct word.

I will provide three options and you should choose the correct one between them. Are you ready? #EngQuiz

1. A trip to see Komodo dragon I did last year still _____ me. #EngQuiz
(a) amazes
(b) amazed
(c) amazing

2. I ___ there with some friends. #EngQuiz
(a) go
(b) was going
(c) went

3. We took a flight to Labuan Bajo very early ___ the morning. #EngQuiz
(a) in
(b) on
(c) at

4. ___ hour and ___ half later, we landed. #EngQuiz
(a) a, a
(b) an, a
(c) a, an

5. And ___, we continued by boat to Rinca island. It’s where the komodo can be found. #EngQuiz
(a) then
(b) than
(c) there

6. We did small hiking in the island, ____ the dragon. #EngQuiz
(a) seeking
(b) seeing
(c) seeping

7. The komodo dragons we saw were almost gigantic. They were about two or three-meter ____. #EngQuiz
(a) short
(b) tall
(c) long

8. They were also very ____, especially in a prowl. #EngQuiz
(a) quite
(b) quiet
(c) quit

9. _____ were advised to always be on their guard. #EngQuiz
(a) guests
(b) quests
(c) guesses

10. It was ___ unique experience for me. #EngQuiz
(a) a
(b) an
(c) the


There you go, fellas! You still have 15 minutes to answer all questions before I’m back with the answers. #EngQuiz

I will retweet some correct answers, but first please make sure your account is not set as private.

  1. (a) amazes. The trip was done the previous year, but the effect can still be felt. #EngQuiz
  2. (c) went. Since the trip was done in the past, the correct form is ‘went’. #EngQuiz
  3. (a) in. #EngQuiz
  4. (b) an hour and a half. The ‘h’ in hour is silent, while the ‘h’ in half is not. #EngQuiz
  5. (a) then. Please be careful of using ‘then’ and ‘than’, fellas. #EngQuiz
  6. (a) seeking. It was meant to be the synonym of ‘searching’. #EngQuiz
  7. (c) long. It’s not short because of the size and not tall either because the komodo’s not standing. #EngQuiz
  8. (b) quiet. Please be reminded the one synonymous with ‘silent’ is ‘quiet’, instead of ‘quite’. #EngQuiz
  9. (a) guests, synonymous with visitors, while quest means pursuit, and guess means suspect. #EngQuiz
  10. (a) a unique. Although the word ‘unique’ starts with vowel, it makes consonantal sound. It’s the same as ‘unicorn’ or ‘uniform’. #EngQuiz


I saw so many of you got the answers right. Keep up the good work, fellas! But if you think you still need improvement, no worries, we’re here to help you learn. Browse our past topics and more English materials in our site, http://www.englishtips4u.com . Don’t hesitate to drop your comments or suggestion.

Thanks so much for joining today’s #EngQuiz! There were approximately 200 answers in, and I wish I could retweet every single one of them.

See you tomorrow, fellas! Have a good rest! Bye!!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 9 May, 2016.

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