#EngTips: How to Avoid Monotony in Writing

Hi, fellas! How was your day?

We met again today to talk about one of the most delicate parts of learning a language: writing. #EngTips

Now check out this paragraph.

“I have a cat. Her name is Lucy. She likes being pet. She hates her vet. She hisses at him.” #EngTips


Gramatically, the passage is fine. However, if we continue it with more four-word sentences, it will sound monotonous. #EngTips

Our ears naturally demand variety. In speaking, variety is represented by intonation, pauses, tempo, etc. #EngTips

As in speaking, lacking of variety in our writing can cause it to be boring after a few sentences. #EngTips

So, how to avoid being monotonous in writing? There are several ways that we can try. #EngTips

– Vary the length of the sentences. The passage I tweeted previously can be modified by adding a few more words. #EngTips

E.g.: I have a cat. Her name is Lucy. As a friendly cat, she loves being pet. However, she hates her vet. She hisses at him all the time. #EngTips

– Vary the structure. We can always start with something other than subject. #EngTips

E.g.: I have a cat named Lucy. Being pet is something she loves, but a visit to the vet isn’t. She hisses angrily to her vet all the time.#EngTips

– Combine two sentences or more to create better flow. Check the following example. #EngTips

Before: One day, Lucy came home injured. I was doing my homework. She limped to me. She dragged her wounded rear leg. #EngTips

After: One day, Lucy came home injured. I was doing my homework when she limped to me, dragging her wounded rear leg. #EngTips

– Avoid using the same word over and over. We can make use of thesaurus to search the synonyms of the said word. #EngTips

Before: We quickly brought her to the vet. The vet took actions quickly. He quickly had a bandage around Lucy’s leg. #EngTips

After: We quickly brought her to the vet, who took fast actions. In a flash, he had bandage around Lucy’s leg. #EngTips


septia. ‏@septiaanrml  11 Apr

@EnglishTips4U using modifier? but avoid making misplaced modifier

Risya M. Hestiani ‏@risyamaya  11 Apr

@EnglishTips4U you can combine them using various conjunctions to make your writing look more mature.

Risya M. Hestiani ‏@risyamaya  11 Apr

@EnglishTips4U oh, Thesaurus works best to keep me away from monotonousness; you can type a word, & use its synonym to avoid repetition.


All right, fellas! Those are some simple ways to avoid monotony in our writing. I hope the #EngTips are useful for you :)

Thank you for joining today’s #EngTips! Please check www.englishtips4u.com for a recap of our past sessions. Have a good night, fellas!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 11 April, 2016.

8 thoughts on “#EngTips: How to Avoid Monotony in Writing”

  1. Hi, I am a university student and I have huge problems with my writing skills and my teacher. I wrote something and she said to me it is so monotonous. I do not know how to correct or change my writing style. Please help me!

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