#EngKnowledge: Spoilers (and Why They’re Disliked)

Good evening, fellas! How was your day?

Today, we’re going to talk about spoilers. I trust you’re familiar with the word. Now, is it just me who think that spoilers are annoying?

But before we even begin, let’s start with what spoilers are. #EngKnowledge

A spoiler is an element which threatens to give away important details concerning the turn of events in any fictional work. Normally, the details of the conclusion of a story’s plot, such as the climax or ending, are considered as spoilers. #EngKnowledge

Now, it’s understandable that after enjoying a thrilling movie, book, or TV series, we want to share the excitement. For example, you just saw the Batman vs. Superman and you wanted to share your enjoyment with fellow fans. #EngKnowledge

At the same time, the more words spread about the movie could mean the bigger chance of more people want to see it. In that case, it should benefit the movie, no? #EngKnowledge

However, I think the most interesting part of enjoying a fictional work is getting surprised by the turn of events. That’s why, some people, including me, dislike spoilers. We just don’t want the surprise ruined. #EngKnowledge

How about you, fellas? Spoilers, liked or disliked? #EngKnowledge

@chisselicious 18 Apr

@EnglishTips4U yes if it comes with too much details.

Rony Rahmatullah ‏@ronyyrahm  18 Apr

@EnglishTips4U yeah, me too

snap:ricardolsilva ‏@ricardorocky  18 Apr

@EnglishTips4U Here in Brazil there are magazines to inform spoiler what going to happen in soap opera. Maybe is cultural in some countries

rosita ‏@rosreads  18 Apr

@EnglishTips4U Definitely no for spoilers. They ruin my wild imagination

アイダ ‏@aifadafaa  18 Apr

@EnglishTips4U DISLIKED

Ahmad Ade Syabihis ‏@Ahmadade_  18 Apr

@EnglishTips4U for some reason, I do need spoilers to share about it. Because there are a few of unexpected scenes that we can’t guess b4.


It’s a common knowledge in the internet that before posting something that might contain spoiler, we should begin with ‘Spoiler Alert’ or ‘Major Spoiler Alert’ or ‘Warning: Contains Heavy Spoiler’. This way, other internet users are given choices if they would like to continue reading the post or not.

However, it gets trickier when we are talking face to face. I normally start by asking, “Do you want me to spoil it or not?” If my friend says no, I shut it immediately.


Halejito Hescobar ‏@halejogars  18 Apr

@EnglishTips4U Hello friends, I’m agree with you, spoilers aren’t good to enjoy the history of tale, movie or something like that.

diankape ‏@dekaryapa  18 Apr

@EnglishTips4U Me too

Fauzi Soemantri ‏@Kido26  18 Apr

@EnglishTips4U Disliked. But for some people, they got some satisfaction because they feels like “I know much more than you”. Meh!

Nuniek Sudiningsih ‏@nuniek52  18 Apr

@EnglishTips4U depend. I only accept spoilers when i ask them for it, if i didnt ask, so please dont tell me anything. :D

Sarah Assegaf ‏@sarahshahnaz  18 Apr

@EnglishTips4U I like when people spoil the major details :D it’s enticing to learn about the minor details after.

Yoza Anshori ‏@masyoza  18 Apr

@EnglishTips4U I hate it, it always ruins the fun!



All right, fellas! Let us conclude tonight’s #EngKnowledge by realising that we all like teasers, just a little bit, to entice but not reveal too many details. When in doubt, I think it’s safe to say, “Go watch the movie/read the book.”

Thank you for sharing your views on spoilers! We meet again tomorrow and the day after and the day after with other interesting topics. Be sure to check our timeline every day and our website www.englishtips4u.com.

Have a good rest, fellas! Bye!!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 18 April, 2016.


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