#EngTalk: Dogs or Cats?

Hi, fellas! How are you doing? I hope you’re all well.

One of many things I usually do when feeling sad is playing with my dogs. It might be cats for some people. To be honest, I cannot decide which is cuter, a cat or a dog.

I mean, who can resist these cuties? (Pic from @SoCuteKittens)



Or these adorable guys? (Pic from @CuteEmergency)



That is going to be the topic for today’s #EngTalk. Do you prefer to have a pet dog or cat?

Yunisha Herviani ‏@ynishaHrvn 

@EnglishTips4U I want a dog but no, I can’t :(

shaikh sohil™ ‏@sshaikhsohil 

@ynishaHrvn @EnglishTips4U same here lol

shaikh sohil™ ‏@sshaikhsohil 

@EnglishTips4U I have neither but I sure like to have dog as a pet in future.

Teo ‏@dcrksky 

@EnglishTips4U both are cute. But then I remember they’re carnivores. So no-

Human Nature ‏@kandanglana 

@EnglishTips4U i prefer dog. #LoveDog

CarlosEMR ‏@CarlosEMuozR 

@EnglishTips4U I prefer a cat, there is any rule in your community for pet responsibilities?

Beti Puspa H ‏@betipuspah 

@EnglishTips4U Cat is really cute, same as dog

Ellen Yunita Putri ‏@elleneys 

@EnglishTips4U I have both

Lenny Byrne ‏@dbyrneoffic 



I had both (not at the same time), and they were both really friendly and loyal. #EngTalk

But it’s true that dog seems to be more sensitive to anything or anyone strange than cat. #EngTalk

Although, I have to agree that owning cat or dog requires full commitment and responsibility. #EngTalk

What about you, fellas? Are you a cat or a dog person? #EngTalk


A ‏@iemaDiaz 

@EnglishTips4U since im a muslim, I prefer cat. But dogs are cute too.

Nyimas Indah L ‏@indahlarasatii 

@EnglishTips4U dog ftw!!

Rhe  ‏@rheinbow_ 

@EnglishTips4U I have been a cat lady for these years, but I would like to try having a dog at least once. Both are irresistibly cute tho!

Ts Silvi R ‏@silvi_tsaa  28 Mar

Absolutely a cat person. It’s so sad that my parents don’t let me have cats as my pet

Amalia Liesya ‏@mel_liy 

@EnglishTips4U cat for sure!

Ria Ernunsari ‏@RiaErnun 

@EnglishTips4U feline it is.


All right, that’s the end of today’s #EngTalk. Next week, we’ll discuss things to consider before owning a cat or a dog.

Thank you very much for joining, fellas! If you have questions related to English-learning, please tweet us.

You’re also welcome to browse our site, http://www.englishtips4u.com, for a recap of our Twitter sessions and many other interesting topics. Have a good rest, fellas!! Bye!!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 28 March, 2016.

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