#EngTalk: Dogs or Cats? (2)

Hi, fellas!! How was your day? I hope you had an interesting one.

In last week’s #EngTalk, we talked about which one between dog and cat that you want to have for a pet. This week, we’ll continue with what to consider before having a pet dog or cat. #EngTalk

I’d like to invite you to share your opinion about what you think we should consider before deciding to have a pet. Tweet us using the hashtag #EngTalk and we’ll discuss.


Risya M. Hestiani ‏@risyamaya 

@EnglishTips4U taking cat as a pet, you don’t even have to think on that one. :)

Risya M. Hestiani ‏@risyamaya 

@EnglishTips4U cats are annoyingly lovely, and if I could, I’d rather befriend them than hoomans. I sound pathetic, I know. I’m sorry.


For you who just joined, please share your opinion about several things to consider before owning a dog or cat. #EngTalk


Haya Eytan ‏@TeachESL 

@EnglishTips4U U don’t ‘own’ a cat. A cat ‘owns’ you.


I think we can agree on this one. Having a pet is not for temporary amusement. It’s a full-time commitment. #EngTalk


@EnglishTips4U Pet is a commitment, not a toy. #EngTalk


This covers everything from providing love, food, medical care, regular visit to the vet, and exercise/education. #EngTalk


This one always gets me :’)) #EngTalk


Rosada ‏@rosasyifaiz 

@EnglishTips4U Own a pet is just like choose a husband or wife, it’s stick till death separate us


What else do you think that we need to consider before deciding to have a pet, fellas? #EngTalk


I would also agree on this; we need to make sure that pets are accepted where we live. #EngTalk

Student Works @StudentWorksUK

@EnglishTips4U Whether your landlord will allow you to have a pet – especially if your in the UK


Yes. Pets need interaction; they can also get lonely. #EngTalk

Sergey @SFursa

@EnglishTips4U do I have enough time for it?


Mu Sasi ‏@sasi_08 

@EnglishTips4U It perhaps out of topic but I’ve got my own option I couldn’t look after the pet cause I’m afraid of them xoxo


All right, today’s #EngTalk is a wrap! Thank you for joining! Be sure to check also www.englishtips4u.com for other English-related topics.


The last but not least, cuddle, kiss, pet, tickle, or belly-rub your furry friends for me. Good night, fellas!!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 4 April, 2016.

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