#WOTD: Zenith

Good evening, my dear fellas! It was a wonderful day for me. How about you?

Tonight, we’ll have a #WOTD session about Zenith. Has any of you heard or read that word?

The word zenith derived from Middle English or Medieval Latin Cenith, Old French Zenit, or Arabic Samt. It was first used between 1350-1400.

Oxford Dictionary defines it as:

(1) the highest point that the sun or moon reaches in the sky, directly above you; and

(2) the time when something is strongest and most successful.

Let’s use it in a sentence!

“You should wear hat because the sun is at its zenith.”
“What I admire about them is their down-to-earth behavior even though they’re at their zenith.”

Why don’t you try to use the word zenith in your own sentence, fellas? Come, try it.

Well, then, that’s all from me for tonight. Don’t miss tomorrow’s session, fellas. Thank you for your attention. Good night!

Compiled by @iismail21 for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 17 April, 2016.


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