#EngGame: Odd One Out


Tonight we’ll have an #EngGame called Odd One Out. Stay tuned, fellas! :D

So, I’ll drop a group of words and you have to choose which one doesn’t belong to the group. Pretty simple, right? Let’s have fun, fellas! :D

1. Surgeon, doctor, vet, nurse, optician

A vet works with animals, all the others work with people.

2. Van, car, lorry, bicycle, bus

A bicycle is moved by foot pedals, all the others are motorised.

3.  Kindergarten, college, office, school, university

An office is a place of work, all the others are places of education.

4. Leg, ankle, wrist, knee, elbow

Leg is not joint, all the others are joints.

5. Love, hatred, fear, greed, anger

Greed is not an emotion, all the others are emotions.

6. Dog, dolphin, donkey, dragon, dinosaur

Dragon is a mythical creature, all the others are real creatures.

7. Hiccup, blink, sneeze, yawn, chew

Chew is a voluntary action, all the others are reflexive actions.

8. Tooth, mice, children, feet, pants

Tooth is singular, all the others are plural.

9. Son, nephew, aunt, uncle, brother

Aunt is the only female relative, all the others are male relatives.

10.  Lizard, lion, elephant, parrot, bear

Bear is an animal with no tail, all the others have tails.

It’s a wrap, fellas! Thank you for participating. I hope you enjoyed it.

Compiled and written by @AnienditaR at @EnglishTips4u on April 2, 2016

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